Tuesday, August 08, 2006

things i'm loving right now.

sesame tofu. with some veggie-fried rice for good measure.

muse. i can't say enough about the new album. i listen to it every day.

the zombies. i am so very psyched to see them next month.

my creem t-shirt. i wear this as often as possbile without looking like a disgusting girl who never changes her shirt. although, unlike mr. lennon, my shirt is black, not white.

project runway. i don't know what it is about this show (it's probably tim gunn, who sometimes reminds me so much of my friend john that i can't even believe it), but i've been watching it since day one and i love love love it. i can't really say who i am rooting for this time...i guess i will say jeffrey sebelia, because he's the tattooed punk rock guy. alison kelly is a cutie, too. i think the two of them should get married and have tragically hip babies.

the office. this is the best show in a long, long time. i can't wait for the new season to start. the last episode of season 2 made me laugh, gasp and cry. i love every rerun, i watch every webisode, i am myspace friends with all of them. i love their blogs. i love that they actually interact with people via myspace while they are filming the show! for example, when you see kevin sitting at his desk, seemingly doing accounting stuff, he is really on myspace, having a contest to see which one of his "friends" can make him and his "coworkers" laugh. still no word on whether i am the winner. ;)

i should probably now say that i love myspace. i really do; i am totally addicted. i've found long-lost people from my past, keep up with the people who are in my life now, i've made new friends with movie characters that don't really exist...inanimate objects, dead people...and robbie rist!!! and let's not forget people that enjoy my blog. :) plus, i am so bad at emailing people and even worse talking on the phone, so i like that you can just post a silly little comment on someone's profile and *BAM!* you are keeping in touch with people! perfect for self-absorbed people with adult-attention-deficit-disorder....like me. :/

chucks. i need new ones, BAD. i finally had to part ways with my most favorite chucks of all time, the limited edition cranberry suede low-tops. they got ruined with all this house stuff. next on the chopping block are the tried-and-true black low-tops. they are full of paint. *sigh* i only have like 5 other pairs now; i must buy some new ones!!! (i have a converse addiction, clearly.)

"the apartment." watched this for the first time in years the other night. what a great movie.

peter sellers in "lolita." he's hot.

iced coffee from mcdonalds. seriously, it's only $2.11 with tax, it's HUGE, and the expensive coffee from the "hipster" coffee shops isn't THAT much better, depending on who is working that day. i've been drinking my ghetto mickey d's iced coffee every morning for the past few weeks. i'm sure i will soon return to the regular hot coffee, though. and then when we move into the new house, i will be a dunkin' donuts coffee girl, because that will be closer. woo! they have the best coffee, seriously. i have a lot of trouble paying like $4 for a cup of coffee, just because it comes from a "hip" place. booo.

my hair. i bleached it out the other day and dyed it back to its natural color. so, i have regular ol' light brown hair again, but i actually really like it. maybe i am just getting old and no longer feel the need to dye my hair black. or purple. or orange. or blonde...

and finally, i love my little family, meaning my man and my cat. they are my smushies.

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