Monday, August 07, 2006

"Look Brad! There's a piece of marzipan over there by the life guard chair!"

possibly an obscure quote, i's from "family guy." i like the way stewie says "marzipan," and i've been saying it a lot lately, for some reason. don't those marzipan hamburgers look yummy.

man, some of these 50's ads are soooooooo funny. like the guy zooming out on a sled (on a rainbow, no less) out of some other guy's crotch. be sure to check 'em all out.

wow, this "girls gone wild" guy is certainly a piece of work, isn't he.

okay. did anyone else watch "flavor of love" last night? is anyone else shocked that a girl actually took a poop on the floor?!?!? they really didn't make a big deal about it, they were just like, "ewww, she pooped on the floor! oh well, let's drink!" i mean, come ON!!! my cat doesn't even poop on the floor, EVER! this was a grown woman!!! most likely a skank-ass crack whore, but a grown woman nonetheless. DAMN.

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