Tuesday, August 01, 2006

coreys, coreys everywhere...

why is myspace down all the time lately? i never realized how pathetically addicted i am until it's taken away from me...

the politically incorrect alphabet.

this corey feldman fellow never ceases to crack me up. even just seeing his picture makes me laugh. i watched "the lost boys" for the first time in years the other night (i have seen it many times in my younger days) and i just can't believe those freakin' coreys! corey haim is really, REALLY awful. worse than feldman. (who was obviously trying to pull off some stallone/"rambo"-type of method acting thing. BAD.)

haim's fashions in the movie were completely laughable, which was especially funny because i think he was supposed to be this hip, stylin' type of character. in one scene he was wearing this tight red t-shirt that said 'born to shop" and a turquoise baggy jacket with puffy shoulders...highlights placed in his hair just so...HA! plus, he's a terrible actor. feldman, too. just horrible. feldman was actually really good in "stand by me." pleh. oh, and haim was good in "lucas." i really like both of those movies.

now this guy, on the other hand...this guy i liked.

anyway, i used to think that "lost boys" was the coolest movie ever, with the coolest music ever. i even begged our local video store to give me the big poster they had in the window when they were done with it. it was HUGE. i saw it in the theater with my friend missy, whose mom wouldn't let her see it because it was rated R, but we went anyway. i remember that scene when The Haim shot the one vampire with a bow & arrow into the stereo, and everyone in the audience cheered, as if it was the greatest thing they'd ever seen. it's really not that cool.

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