Tuesday, August 01, 2006

i'm crazy from the heat

just like that david lee roth album. "sweet crap, it's hot!" (thanks to my boyfriend for coining that phrase earlier today-he actually looks kinda crazy in that picture, no? i love red-eye.)

okay, there was just a commercial on cbs for some new fall show called "the class," and the tune playing during the commerical was clearly an instrumental version of "we're going to be friends" by the white stripes. is jack white losing his mind? first coke, now this?!?!? come on now. it was perfectly appropriate in "napoleon dynamite," but not a commercial for some show from the people that brought us "friends" and "mad about you." why would he agree to such a thing? it showed grown adults on swings, like, "ohhh, we're all so young at heart and quirky, even though we're old now!" ACK.

what's even ickier is, astute readers will deduce that i was just watching "rock star: supernova," during which said commercial aired. :/ i guess my cover is blown. but let me just state for the record that i was on the internet and only half-watching. and i think the show is really bad. (there's no recovering from this, is there?!?! wait, if you know i was watching it, then you must've been watching it, too. HA!)

in non-related news, i am a mere 9 votes away from the #2 position in the farm aid front row tickets contest!!

in even nonner non-related news, captain beefheart is selling the house that he and his magic band recorded "trout mask replica" in. if i were wealthy and willing to relocate, i would totally buy it. (via boing boing)

yay, monster mags!

the always good pcl linkdump has links to the trailers of a bunch of really great movies. herschell gordon lewis, russ meyer, jack hill, doris wishman...mondo heaven!!! sidenote: one of the movies listed, "i dismember mama," is a flick that i convinced my dad to let me rent when i was in 7th grade...we stopped at the video store on the way home from the orthodontist, where i just got braces. so weird that i remember that...actually, maybe not that weird. getting braces was pretty traumatic. that shite HURT.

and finally, something is going on with posting photos on blogger, so there are no photos with this post. sorry. blame blogger.

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