Monday, July 31, 2006

oh, hell no.

this weekend was exhausting! saturday we did a lot of work on the new house. i primered and painted the bathroom, painted the ceilings of the master bedroom and the office, weeded in the backyard, washed the walls of the living room with this toxic chemical goo...ugh. the ceiling painting was the worst. my arms were so sore. i also broke the handle of the special ceiling painter-roller thing. oooooooops.

the next morning i woke up bright and early to go to new york with my sister, my 17-year old niece, and her friend. we really did have a good time, but it was also exhausting. my niece wanted to go to all the rah-shah-shah stores on 5th ave, like saks (even though no one had any intention nor the means to buy anything there). i never do that kind of stuff when i go to the city to hang out. when i go i usually head straight for the village, or hang out with my brooklyn friend matt in williamsburg and stuff. anyway, we hit up a bunch of stores like that, and then we FINALLY went into H&M, which i love. we have once close to where i live, but nothing like this one! so huge! i got a really cute outfit there for really cheap, so i was pleased. but the day could be best described as "power shopping." yuck. oh yeah, we hit up daffy's, which seemed like one could find some killer stuff for dirt cheap. but, the place had 7 floors, and we had no time to explore. so i just hovered like a vulture around the chairs and waited for someone to leave, and i pounced like a puma so i could rest my tired little feet.

my niece also wanted to see times square, which i totally could have done without. i hate times square. so many people, too much stimulation...aaaccck...but hey. it was her first nyc visit, so i guess it had to be done.

but the ickiness of times square does not even hold a candle to the horrors that inhabit the american girl store. my sister also has a 5-year old girl, who is WAAAY into her american girl doll. she has outfits that match outfits that the doll wears, all this furniture, some little dog (that also gets matching outfits)'s really bizarre. i wasn't into all the doll crap when i was little. except for barbie, of course. but eventually i chopped off all their hair and melted their faces. ANYWAY, this americal girl store was packed with crazy mothers with their bratty daughters (and a few men who looked like they wanted to kill themselves). that is a world i will never, nor do i want to, understand. this store even had a damn salon where people did the dolls' hair, i shit you not. ugh. if i ever have a daughter, she is not going to have anything to do with american girl or any of its millions of stupid accessories, all of which are really expensive and she won't even care about in a year anyway. soon my little niece will be cutting off her american girl doll's hair and melting her face off---YOU JUST WAIT!!!

although chris put it into perspective when he pointed out that if there was a store that was 5 floors of nothing but blythe dolls, i would be in heaven. and he's right. so i guess i am horribly judgemental or something.

anyway, we barely made the bus back, we were running like crazy people (okay, that's a lie, we were just walking really really fast), and then the only seats left on the bus were in the very back, where the floor was really hot (like, so hot that when i picked up my bags off the floor, they felt like they were about to start smoldering). some lady took a massive poop in the bathroom, which we were sitting right next to, about 10 minutes into the ride. also, the AC didn't really work back there. *heavy sigh*


anubis44 said...

Hey, at least you got a cool pair of shoes. That makes it all worthwhile. :)

mondo retro said...

yes, i did indeed get a smashing pair of shoes.