Saturday, July 29, 2006

ugh, crop circles are *so* 1994...

...but here's how to make them.

tori spelling, screwed out of untold millions by being cut out of her father's will, is selling her clothes on eBay. ouch.

vote for your favorite episode of "the office" and the winner airs next month. plus you can enter to go to sundance next year. there are clips of every episode to refresh your memory. i voted for "basketball," but it was so hard to pick a favorite! maybe i should've picked "the fire." or, "the fight." every episode is great.

kiddie rekord king.

to do list blog. i used to be a big list-writer, but not so much anymore. i wonder what happened. i guess i just stopped caring...

adrienne bar-boobie wrote a book!

info on "i'm not there," the bob dylan movie where 67 people portray him. ummm, richard gere? they couldn't do better than that??

blogathon 2006: posting music all day today for charity.

happy birthday, wil wheaton.

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