Saturday, July 01, 2006

"you can't buy a car with cookies, edward."

you know, i really savor my first saturday morning cup of coffee and smoke. it's just like...ahhhhhhhhh!

okay, moving on.

i sure do like that johnny depp. he's all over the place right now what with "pirates 2." (the cool kids just call it "pirates 2.") i have no intention of seeing "pirates 2," unless it's like maybe a year from now, on encore or something, on a hungover sunday afternoon. i would never go see it intentionally. i saw the first one in the theater and i thought it was one of the worst movies i'd ever seen in my life. i realize that i am one of the few people on earth who feel this way, but i do know of others that hated it as well.

now, don't get me wrong, i realize that johnny gives a great performance. all gay and keith richards and stuff. he's the only good thing about that movie. i realize it's a family film, and maybe when i have kids i'll like it better. but, it's just not my cup of tea.

anyway, here are my top 5 favorite johnny things:

1. ed wood. this just goes without saying. this is truly his greatest performance. oh, wait. maybe not...

2. fear and loathing in las vegas. ok. this is his greatest performance. and i've had a lot of inside jokes with friends regarding this movie and quoting it a lot. i just think this movie is so amazing. this is the only book that was made into a movie that actually came frighteningly close to the way things looked in my head. it's a surreal experience, watching that movie. so great.

3. edward scissorhands. there are a lot of good lines from this one, too. i love the way he says "glands." i also often say, "blend, blend, blend!" this one came out when i was a senior in high school, and i watch it every time it's on. this movie is so special.

4. private resort. in the complete opposite direction of "edward scissorhands," this movie is SO BAD. like, have a get-together and have a few drinks and watch this movie and laugh at it kind-of bad. and i like movies like that.

5. cry-baby. it's john waters, man!!! i saw this movie in the theater with my older sister. she said she'd treat us to the movies and i could pick the movie, in an effort to get closer or something. i picked "cry-baby." she was like, "uhhhhh...what did we just see?" classic.

in other news:

dig this glass chicken!

this looks so good...

how to convert an old tv into a fishtank.

update: it's a little later now, and i'm continuing my nice morning by watching "blank stare," the "strangers with candy" two-parter where jerri joins a cult. "i'm gonna sit at the welcome table...sing about it!"


Captain Canuck said...

American cigarettes are stronger, but the Canadian packages have warnings in two languages.

Happy Canada Day, MR!

mondo retro said...

happy canada day, captain!!


Weenil said...

Oh, I adore that line from Edward Scissorhands! I adore Johnny Depp, I adore Alan Arkin, I adore cookies... Mmmm, cookies....

mondo retro said...

i love when alan arkin is singing on top of the roof, stapling the fake snow!! ahhhhh!