Sunday, July 02, 2006

bob dylan and john lennon, all messed up in a taxi (1966)

or maybe it's a limo, i don't know...i have this on video; bob actually gets sick at the end.


right on for leaving your name and apt #, dude!

the electric swinging pussycat lounge! (retro fashion)

getrealdenver. blogging the filming of the new real world. (link via yuppie punk)

i bet michael scott would like this item.

the girl who owns the lone car left in the parking lot that got flooded the other day (see the photo in the "this town needs an enema" post) has a blog!!

new hoff! NEW HOFF!!

poor hoff! POOR HOFF!!


flatlander said...

I feel sorry for all the generations of humans who lived before the invention of the "awke n' bacon" alarm clock!

mondo retro said...

i'm still holding out for the alarm clock that injects coffee into you when you hit the snooze...just a little at a time...

Weenil said...

I can't stand it... that Hasselhoff video is so funny! My god, to think he thinks he's hot... but worse, to think he thinks he's funny! (we laugh at the sad little man, Dieter. ha. ha-ha.)

Will said...

I'm glad the rock and roll archives have hit YouTube, and not just the emo videos.

mondo retro said...

i LOVE that video so much. i got a crappy bootleg of "eat the document" (unreleased 1966 bob documentary) on eBay and the person i bought it from put all this extra stuff on the tape at the end for good measure. :) it was awesome! the video of bob and john was on there, and itwas 20 minutes long. the end of the footage is just bob moaning, head in his hands, telling the driver to hurry up and get him back to the hotel, then i guess he puked in the car, but the camera pointed away. then they were all harassing him for puking. :) great stuff.