Monday, July 03, 2006

i think i'll drink a few for jim morrison tonight.

maybe i'll have one for michael mcclure while i'm at it...just for good measure. he's not dead or anything, but he deserves a drink in his honor, too, i reckon... i met him once. he was nice.

i can almost hear my boyfriend groaning, "oh, GREAT..." as he reads this. i'm sure he is envisioning me drunkenly singing along to doors songs and watching DVDs and talking about how into them i used to be and generally being a silly goose. i'll try to control myself, honey. :) and don't be bringing home no sixer of tall budweisers!!

anyway, yeah... today is the day jim morrison died.

so, rest in peace, jim . :/

too bad jim never did a drug freak-out classroom scare film...

i wonder if jim's "wife" will have anything interesting to say today...

you KNOW you want these childhood drawings. you KNOW you want them.

let's not forget brian jones, who also passed away on this day.

these talking cats freak me out!!! the one at the end sounds like an old drunk man, crying.

the american roadside.

are you too old for myspace?

cheesy movies.

drive-in movie ads.

so, are you in the office today? are you annoyed because of that? because we should totally have today off in addition to tomorrow, right?! grrrr.
My Office Annoyance Rating
i am only 35% annoying at the office.


eternity said...

Do visit

Anonymous said...

the francine fishpaw site is fucking art steph. there, that's about as positive as i get. AMERICAN WATER!!! what's your problem? you NEED to hear The Greatest by Cat Power. i'm sorry things are the way they are, but such is life. some are mathmaticians...

Anonymous said...

Who the hell are you?