Wednesday, July 05, 2006

icky evil devil flu a go-go

i spent the first half of the 4th of july being lazy, and then i spent the 2nd half being sick. i stayed home from work head is KILLING me, and i do mean killing me. my throat hurts and i ache all over. pleh.

now you can be just like dr. paul armstrong. (if you don't understand, then you need to see "lost skeleton!")

"i've seen bears do things that even a bear wouldn't do." (sorry, "lost skeleton" again. i couldn't resist.)

"the science of sleep" trailer.

famous self-injurers.

top 10 worst jobs to have in the action film universe.

"i'm the hoff!!" ahhh, that rules.

the bob dylan/a.j. weberman phone calls.

give this poor sap a name and win some money.


here are some sexy bikinis! easy, fellas. they are on mannequins.

beck being interviewed on 120 minutes by thurston moore in 1994. awesome.

johnny cash on the muppet show.

how to change your records into CDs.


flatlander said...

Those Dylan tapes are neat!

Fakiegrind researchers are looking for a way to change my CDs back in to vinyl.

Captain Canuck said...

Drink lots of 4th of July O.J., and maybe go light on the vodka!

mondo retro said...

CDs into vinyl is actually a really good idea, for those artists who don't find it necessary to release stuff on vinyl anymore! (which is most of them...)

and, for the record, mondo retro did not get drunk at all on the 4th of july. slightly tipsy on the night of the 3rd, but nothing to write home about. :)

Christine Mitchell said...

Hey, don't hassle the hoff, man. I'd be drunk too if I did those videos. Hey Hoff, stay away from green screens!