Thursday, July 06, 2006

As I ride on my horse through the countryside/I said “come on, Lady L, let me give you a ride"

still icky, but back at work. i am so dedicated.

"steal this book," wiki-style. i bought the book for someone and then stole it from him. i left it in my bathroom for years, kind of hoping someone would steal it, but no one did. meh.

here's a list of problems solved by macgyver.

bob dylan ticket stub and poster archive.

1957 home meal planner. (via pcl linkdump)

this auction ends in a mere 5 hours; you better get bidding!!

here's some info about the mall that they filmed that scene from "the blues brothers" in. note: i love this blog long time! something about seeing pictures of malls in the 70's makes me really happy (especially when the malls where i grew up are featured).

snakes on a plane song!

i watched this all day yesterday. (this show, not just this clip. although that would be really funny if i only watched this clip all day.)


Will said...

That Snakes on a Plane song is amazing. Though I'm getting a little antsy waiting for the film to come out. I hope it can maintain its cool kid momentum.

mondo retro said...

yeah, i thought the song was really good, too!

i know i'll be there opening weekend for sure. i'm imagining that everyone will cheer and "woo" when he says, "we gotta get these mutha-effin snakes off this mutha-effin plane!!!"

and then it will air on the sci-fi channel for all eternity. :)

Christine Mitchell said...

I had a guy that once wrote a TERRIBLE song for me. I told him it was terrible. I never saw him again.

mondo retro said...

awww! i had a guy write one for me in my youth, and it was also terrible.


my friends dave and wyatt at work wrote me a song just a few weeks ago! it is called "steganie," and it's about how i am allowed to sexually harrass people at work. you see, we all went through harrassment training, and we all got a certificate saying we completed the training, and they spelled my name "steganie." :) so, "steganie" cannot harrass her co-workers, but "stefanie" can! muah-ha-ha-ha...

it is so funny. i really should post it on here...