Thursday, July 06, 2006

$240 dollahs worth o' puddin'

i can't believe it never occurred to me until just now to search for "the state" on youtube. they have WHOLE ENTIRE EPISODES ON THERE!!! WOW. oh, happy day! kenny will be so excited---he's gonna yell, "I WANNA DIP MY BALLS IN IT!!" for all the world to hear. so, i guess i will be watching these all night long...that is, until "the office" comes on...3 episodes in a row tonight. and speaking of "the office..."

here are season 3 "spoilers." don't look if you don't want to, but i did and it reveals practically nothing. since i am myspace friends with pam, i read some of that stuff already. i'm kind of relieved, because i was addicted to reading the television without pity message boards when "six feet under" was down to its last few episodes, and i knew exactly when and how nate was going to die, and all the details of the last episode. clearly you can tell that i was the kid who snooped for her christmas presents and even snuck downstairs at night to carefully open the tape on the gifts and take a peek inside because she just couldn't stand it...anyway, i don't want to know anything about what happens with jim and pam until it airs. nothing. i just have to learn to control myself.

related: "the office" was nominated for best comedy and best actor (steve carell) emmys. not related: this is what you get when you type in "".

will arnett got a best supporting actor nomination. COME ON!!! :)

my lands, i sound like the bigggest tv geek on earth right now.


farm aid is in philly this year! sweet.

gram parsons, cosmic cowboy. posted because i am wearing my flying burrito bros. t-shirt today.

my name's mondo, and i'm outta heeeeeere...


anubis44 said...

I wanna dip my balls in it!! Haha

Weenil said...

I'monna need a little time alone with the puddin'... ohhh baby you lookin' so good, so right...

God I miss that show! It sucks to see Ian Michael Black on either VH1 or commercials. Didn't we sign a petition to get MTV to make The State available on DVD? Whatever happened to that?

mondo retro said...

"the box says 'cook, then chill.' that's what i do, baby...first i cook, and then i chillll....ohhh yeah..."