Friday, June 30, 2006

f-ing a crowbar

this morning, steve from work told me they say that all the time in michigan (well, not the edited version, obviously). example: someone says "f-ing a." then you retort with, "f-ing a CROWBAR!" as if that's the ultimate; you cannot top that statement. i like it. then we must've said it about 15 times in a row. it was so funny, and i think it is my duty to inform people about this wonderful curseword.

also, my mom called me at 7 this morning. i had a mouthful of toothpast, and i was like, "OMG, is something WRONG?!?!?" she was just calling to tell me that bob dylan is playing at the minor league ballpark that is like 10 minutes from where i live. SWEET! she knew it would make my day. my mom is awesome. anyway, bob show #15, here i come!!


vintage aa comic strips!


man, boing boing always has the best stuff!

charlie and the chocolate factory theme park in amsertdam!


i bet leatherface would wear these.

johnny depp thinks michael hutchence was "like a god, like a shaman." oooookay...


flatlander said...

That flesh shoe rules!

mondo retro said...

dude, you should totally get a pair.