Wednesday, April 12, 2006


man, those new raconteurs songs that have surfaced recently are AMAZING! i totally had a moment with "level" and "broken boy soldier" on the drive to work this morning. i can't believe how awesome they sound, like some totally new crazy 70's metal stoner band, but with jack white. so, so awesome.

and speaking of awesome...

let's hug it out, bitch.

this puts that measly $5 shake to shame.

i like this mars "smiley face" business.

strange sisters.

all kinds of children's animation. some familiar, some not. all foreign.

new david lynch movie with justin theroux, kyle maclachlan, harry dean stanton...ahhhhh! me loves it. "a mystery about a woman in trouble."

cadbury egg cake.


shankey said...

did you see Big Love (episode 3) when Harry as the prophet sat down with the children to sing and play acoustic guitar? He also harmonized with his child bride in waiting and his other wife in the car going to/from his daughters b-day party. It was really really good.

mondo retro said...

yes, i did see that. i love that harry dean stanton. i also love that grace zabriskie is on "big love"! it's like a mini lynch-fest. i also like bruce dern.

The Weenil said...

recently I watched a Lifetime movie starring Colin Firth as a Pacific Northwest forest ranger whose wife was not what she seemed... and Catherine Coulson was in it for about five minutes as a nun. Can't say she wasn't carrying a log.

mondo retro said...

the owls are not what they seem.