Tuesday, April 11, 2006

cupcakes vs. cup cheese.

ok. this is just insane. i just really hate them both at this point. and their kids too. go away!!!

all cupcakes, all the time.

the fear of asking girls out. (courtesy of johnny speed)

2nd 'art school confidential' trailer.

the hall of panflutists. didn't think there were so many, did ya?

here's a screenprinting tutorial, so you can make your own cool t-shirts this summer and won't have to fork out, like, $30 for one.

finally, here is a site featuring car interiors in some other language.

p.s. does everyone even know what cup cheese is? is it a local thing? (remember, "if you ain't dutch you ain't much.") there's not a whole lot on the internet about cup cheese. anyway, it is just really, really, really foul.


flatlander said...

I have never heard of cup cheese. Is it related to those individually packaged "cheese" and cracker thingies?

But few foods are more satisfying than a nice slice offootball cheese.

mondo retro said...

cup cheese is literally cheese in a cup, and i think it's kind of runny and soft and slightly fermented or something...it's so nasty.

mondo retro said...

p.s. it is not at all like the cheese and crackers "cheese." it's more...i don't know. chunky yet runny and smelly and vile.