Wednesday, April 12, 2006

double wow.

and the links just keep on coming...

bwah-hahaha. DUH. actually, i shouldn't say "duh." once, and this was like 13 years ago, barry williams was giving a discussion and book signing at a local university. my friend (who attended the school) and i thought it was, naturally, greg from the brady bunch. we were walking around with cameras and a copy of "growing up brady," but we couldn't find the event anywhere. finally we did, and it was indeed barry williams - an accountant giving a financial seminar. WHOOPS!

religious tattoos.

pictures of interesting mailboxes.

watch some cult classics here! wheeeee...

possible "surprise" endings to mutha-effen snakes on a mutha-effen plane.

romance books with a library theme. i worked at a library for years, and nothing sexy ever happened to me there... :/


flatlander said...

Did you know that having a tattoo (or piercing) precludes you from being burried in an orthodox Jewish cemetary?

Even if it's the Star of David!

mondo retro said...

i did not know that!