Thursday, April 13, 2006

i really hate mornings.

i mean, really, REALLY hate them, as my boyfriend will attest to. i am AWFUL in the morning. i can't think, i can't talk to anyone, and i am miserable. like, i feel like i am losing my shit. after a cup of coffee, i am usually fine. this morning i cried. WTF? there has GOT to be a pill out there somehwere that people like me can take to make the lives of their loved ones easier. oh, i guess it's called prozac. ha ha. i kid. my boyfriend deserves a medal for putting up with my shenanigans for all this time. or a cookie. "whaddaya want, a cookie?!?!?"

anyhoo...let's talk about art. specifically, art that i like.

marcel duchamp. my favorite. the one i posted, The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even, is at the philly museum of art. i love this. they have it set up in front of a big window so you can see through the piece and everything...ahhhh...

jenny holzer.

egon schiele.

eva hesse.

there was this artist on our local cable-access channel the other night named bruce pollack. he lives in philly and makes the coolest stuff i've seen in a long time...most of the pieces he was discussing on the show were all made of circles and hexagons, and they were inspired by fractals. the colors he used were really wonderful, like yellow ochre and oranges and browns and i think some pinks...several of the pieces looked like flowers or trees--organic things. but each piece was mathematically precise. the detail was just so unbelievable! i honestly wanted to call into the show and be like, "how much is 'orange tree'?!?!? i must have it!!! you are awesome!!" know. i'm poor and unmotivated. anyway, i can't find a lot about him on the internets...i found him here, but this piece isn't nearly as amazing as the ones on this rinky-dink little local show. the host did mention that those pieces were brand-new. pollack even mentioned that it was freaking him out to see the paintings in a different light and outside of his studio....oh well.

UPDATE: despite the fact that i snapped at him this morning for no good reason, and then cried, chris has found links for bruce pollock (spelled with an "o", not an "a". oops). (along with a million "blow up the moon" links.) whatta man. :) this piece also kicks ass.

in non-art news:

misogyny unlimited!

"America can, will, must, should and is going to blow up the moon." (thanks, the weenil!)

lebowski fest is almost here!

howl: the fiftieth anniversary.

r. crumb handbook.

'tropic of cancer' by henry miller. the whole thing.

the poor little foofy kitty!!!! *sniff, sniff*

oh, come on. who wouldn't want to live on this property?


flatlander said...

Wow! That Duchamp masterpiece is in Philly! I love the way it got broken accidentally, but actually looks better with the cracks.

Happy Easter!

mondo retro said...

yep, it's in philly. i have stared at that thing many, many times. there is also this other piece right next to it that i don't know the name's a big wooden door and you peer through it via these 2 tiny peepholes and inside is a naked girl lying on her back in a meadow. you can't see anything racy. almost, but not quite. no matter how hard you crane your head. :) i love it. i went to a big duchamp exhibit there some years back as well. obviously it was totally amazing...