Tuesday, March 14, 2006

save us, mariah!

while browsing wikipedia and reading about camp (the style--not the prison, fat, or summer variety), i was very amused by this paragraph:

"The film Glitter by singer Mariah Carey was considered "true camp" by some film critics. Its lightheartedness and poor quality helped Americans, according to some and even hinted at by Carey herself, to deal with the serious tragedy of the 9/11 terrorist attack that happened within a week before the film's release."

tee hee. that statement in itself is campy.

You are Sydney Andrews, fashion-challenged schemer. You've been a whore, madam, stripper, and porn producer, but has it made you happy? No. Your karma's strong, so, maybe if you quit blackmailing people, some good things will come your way.

Which Melrose Place Character Are You?

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