Tuesday, March 14, 2006

let's beat the dragon!

ha, remember tic tac dough? this page here has sounds from it---like the 10 second "thinking music." sweet! i watched this asinine show as a kid every single day. actually, i watched a lot of game shows in the 70's and 80's. odd.

emmanuel lewis saves lives!

those thetans have no sense of humor.

nothing says "guilty" like a boob in your pocket.

top 10 coolest alarm clocks.

a cartoon guide to genetics.

interesting ideas.

heh. "junior."



flatlander said...

Ok, the Scientologists are getting outta hand! I endorse all known faiths, just as long as they're mixed with a healthy dose of Zen--then only religon that makes it a point to laugh at itself.

Maybe Isaac is just tired of being the Chef.

mondo retro said...

maybe he just wants more time to hang out with his woman and make sweet love by the fire...