Saturday, March 18, 2006

mmmm bork bork bork!

good morning! hungry? let's enjoy the breakfast blog.

give me a f-ing break.

the dullest blog in the world. besides this one, of course.

rare bollywood lp covers.

oozing goo. i just like saying "oozing goo."

list of tv shows canceled after one episode.

lyrics to looney tunes songs.

so bad, it's good!

top 100 sci-fi books.

i know it's not halloween, but here are some spooky desktop wallpapers. me likey this one and this one.

finally, let's play with the Swedish Chef translator:

Cepteeen Moorphy stetes zee oobfeeuoos: "It's leeke-a a kuela beer crepped a reeenboo in my breeen!"


flatlander said...

Mmmmm...Tomorrow is going to be a good breakfast day...except GASP! Shloor Vee Mam'brofk!*

*"I'm out of eggs!"

mondo retro said...

i'm thinking abou doing the entiresite in swedish chef-ese...

or, should i say, i'm theenking ebuoo dueeng zee intureseete-a in svedeesh cheff-ise-a...
Bork Bork Bork!