Sunday, March 19, 2006

"I've had 18 full whiskeys; I think that's a record."--dylan thomas

what i'm watchin' right now.

guide to david bowie's area. yep, that area.

re-membering barbie & ken. brilliant!

live chicken cam!

webs spun by spiders on different drugs. oddly enough, the caffeine one is the most messed up.

100 most overlooked films of the '90s. i am partucularly fond of #s 6, 7, 13, 28, 47, 48, 61, 62, 68, 75, 91, 92, 94, and, of course, 100.

j.c. penney is now hip, apparently. the village voice seems surprised, but i'm not. the catalogs are the coolest thing ever.

punk rock tv theme songs.

2000 alternate uses for peanut butter.

famous last words.


flatlander said...

Wow, that Barbie art is creepy and cool! I wonder what could be done with star wars figures...

The movie list is full of gems, but it's missing the great Canadian sci-fi flick "Top of the Food Chain".

Anonymous said... there anyway i can get my acme comics novelty library book back? i'm guessing not considering it was a gift from my, i'm going to see the Silver Jews on tuesday, their newest album kicks ass(has Malkmus and Oldham), along the new Cat Power. great stuff Blackie. should i buy a telecaster or a banjolele? get some Jews Damn YOU!!!
my gay ass brother has a blog too, what is it lame journalism or a lame diary?

Anonymous said...

what's your thoughts on the whole antidepressants thing? have you seen V for Vendetta yet?

Anonymous said...

did the antidepressants make you less creative?

Anonymous said...

you know john lennon lived next door to chance composer john cage. lennon thought the fbi had tapped his phone, so he'd borrow cage's from time to time. i think lennon actually had a file. i imagine the wall between them being hit with all these great sounds. i wonder if they coliabrated on anything, i'm guessing he got alot of his most original ideas from cage. the piecemeal recordings are pure cage.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Looks like your blog's starting to attract a younger crowd. That's a key demographic, the 11-14 yr old set. Cool!

Captain Canuck said...

This looks like a job for Captain Canuck!