Thursday, March 23, 2006

human charcoal briquette

don't mess with matt and trey!

revolting sofas.

famous cannabis users. what a silly list. it also seems like a really, really short list!

i just knew firefox was bad news!!

jewelry made from cracker jack prizes.

colbert pens a book. chock full of truthiness, i'd imagine.

florrie fisher: the inspiration for jerri blank.

a list of the ABC after-school specials, and an article about how people still love them. i know i do...

"they both prefer younger partners." i don't know why i think that's so funny.

the death psychic. this is how i shall leave this mortal coil:

After a long night at the bar, you stop to get gas on your way home. As you're filling the tank, your drunk friend in the passenger seat throws a lit cigarette out the window, sparking a massive fire which engulfs both you and the car. You're quickly turned into a human charcoal briquette.

yep. that sounds about right.

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