Wednesday, March 22, 2006

google adsense strikes again.

dear larry,

ok. which are you, a cable guy or a health inspector? PICK ONE. i guess the "cable guy" premise has already been done, and by someone way funnier than you. so, why not just simply be larry the health inspector?

i think the funniest thing i have heard in ages is the title of your film. and not funny, like, "awww man, i LOVE larry the cable guy! i can't WAIT for this rad flick!" it's more like, "who the hell would actually pay to see a movie like that?!" do you think america is full of idiots? oh...wait.

what's next? "larry the cable guy: ob-gyn"? "larry the cable guy: sous chef"? ugh. you are soooo the new ernest.

you suck,

mondo retro

p.s. david cross wrote a way better open letter than i did.

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