Tuesday, February 14, 2006

i choo-choo-choose you!

chris and i gave each other our V.D. presents last night, for some reason...probably because i hounded him from the second he got in the door: "let's exchange 'em right now! who cares?! come on!!!"

but before we begin, here's some V.D. links. no, not THAT kind of V.D. although promiscuous valentine's day activity could very well lead to V.D.

cap'n wacky's boatload of love.

star wars valentines.

really awful musicians reveal their valentine's mix tape tips. great.

not v.d. related, but---beatles/beastie boys mashups! (via the mighty boing boing)

ok, on to the gifts. as you can see, chris got me a very lovely and bitchin' new french press:

i got him this shins shirt:

and these bracelets from the mighty mcphee:

gertie wanted to to get in on the action as well. awwwww foofy!

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