Thursday, September 20, 2007

"every day's been darkness since you been gone."

oh, how i love you, bob.
first of all, he played "meet me in the morning." AND HE PLAYED IT WITH JACK WHITE.

if i was there i would've broke down and wept. i'd have to check, but he, like, NEVER plays that song. i've seen him nearly 20 times and never heard that song. "you're a big girl now" is not often played live, either. damn. his fall tour has ZERO dates in my area. what is up with that? i suppose i could drive to baltimore or pittsburgh or new york...i've done it before. i've even gone to nashville to see him. but he's gotta come my way. he always, always does; usually at least 2 shows in my neck of the woods. i associate the month of november with bob dylan. i have seen him at least once every november since 1997 (last november he played with the raconteurs---which was like my dream show...but they didn't play together). come on, bob!!! i need you. and bring jack white!!!

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