Saturday, September 01, 2007

best cameo ever.

saw "halloween" last night, and i liked it. there were some good peeps in the movie, like sid haig , clint howard, and danny trejo...but no one beats the nearly unrecognizable cameo of mickey dolenz (yes, that mickey dolenz) as the owner of the gun shop. i wasn't even sure if it was really him...i leaned over to rachel, and said, "holy crap -- is that mickey dolenz?!?" and sure enough, his name was in the credits. i was very proud of myself.

anyway, the movie was suspenseful, sufficiently bloody, plenty creepy, and just pretty good all around (especially after a bunch of beers). rob zombie did a good job.

on tuesday, i'm leaving for vegas for a week on business. there will certainly be some trolling for celebs since the mtv awards are going on while we're there. not that there's anyone presenting or performing that i would really be psyched to run into (or would even reconize, for that matter. i am old and not into rap, so...there you have it). but there should be some celebs partying it up over the weekend, so...yeah. as if i will be hanging out where the famous people are gonna be hanging out. i am staying a stone's throw from the hard rock hotel & casino, who knows. i've never been to vegas before. i think my boss is worried that on the first night i am going to gamble all of my money away and become an alcoholic, crack-addicted trailer hooker (who doesn't know how to dress professionally).


abridged movie scripts. what a time-saver!

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