Tuesday, July 11, 2006

vote for mondo

so, i'm trying to win front row farm aid tickets. i really really love neil and willie (that mellencamp isn't all bad either), and who knows who else will pop up on the lineup (hopefully bob?). anyhoo, this contest is a series of battles between 2 people. and then you have to vote for who is more deserving of the tickets, and the winner gets them. i am not sure how to specifically find one of my battles...here is my page. apparently just clicking on my picture a million times doesn't equal a vote.

i realized that if you just click on the "vote" button at the top, you get new battles each time. i was voting for other people for a while, trying to get to my battle, and then i realized that i probably shouldn't be voting for other people. oop. anyway, i really appreciate any effort anyone makes to vote for me!

"if you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true."

p.s. my little blurb wasn't BS, either; i come from a farmy family. thanks!


Johnny Speed said...

Okay, I'd like to help, but your directions are vague at best. If you wanna win you gotta' TASTE victory! And that means finding a simple way for those of us who are your humble blog diciples to fire off votes against your competitors. GO FARM AID!

mondo retro said...

actually, i don't think voting against the people who are ahead of me in the game really matters...if you look at the "leaders" page, the order is determined by the number of votes they get. so, it's just as effective to bypass everyone else.

best way to vote: just hit "refresh" or "F5" on the keyboard or the "vote" button. and when my pic comes up (my name is under it, Stefanie Spayd), vote for me!

you rule, johnny! thanks for all the votes. i may just win this thing, i actually have hope!