Tuesday, July 11, 2006

tuesday is for watchy-watchy

the below clip is specifically for my local peeps. hopefully this will make you as happy as it made me when i found it!!

i mentioned stella once before...she really is the poor man's elvira. but we all loved her. be sure to click around the tags, especially the KYW tag to see some 70's and 80's news clips.

more visual goodness:

dig on mr. dante fontana's visual guidance ltd. you won't be sorry.

remember the mighty heroes?!?!?

ahh, thursday night memories...

worst. song. ever!

my 2 favorite men, together.

dylan's warhol screen test.


hmmm, maybe i'll actually attend a broadway show now...?

bohemian ink.

the dewey donation system.

raconteurs, norwegian-style.


anubis44 said...

They are ur 2 favorite men? Really?

mondo retro said...

well, besides you and chris, of course. oh, and The Hoff.