Tuesday, July 25, 2006

quickie linkage...

...just so you guys don't forget about me. :)

i'm #3!!! woo-hoo!

this would benefit the lactose intolerant people, i reckon.

okay. did i NOT JUST MENTION "the state" a week or so ago? yes, i did. they must be listening to me!

decorating one's cubicle is now a recognized artform. please enjoy my cubicle, pictured above. i am not looking forward to returning to my cubicle tomorrow after a week off. booooo!


anubis44 said...

Oh but you will have so much fun tomorrow. We all miss you terribly. It's been so quiet for the past week.

mondo retro said...

what are you saying, that i'm really LOUD or something?

oh yeah, that's right. i am. :)