Friday, March 24, 2006

snakes on a plane, man...snakes on a plane.

i am so seeing this movie. i mean, i really can't wait.

the reshoots of "snakes," via defamer.

already in the urban dictionary.

ok, no more snakes on a plane. heh. i just can't believe that title, it's so awesome.

update: snakes on a plane quote tracker! wheeeeee!

raconteurs live review, via stereogum.

dick cheney's suite demands. what a diva.

woo, she-ra!

list of the religions of comic book characters.

here's a pic of those fat twins on motorcycles from the guinness book of world records years ago. these twins have come into conversation more than once over the past few weeks, which is odd. i used to stare at this picture in awe when i was a kid. awww...


flatlander said...

Ha ha. Tom Evans, the first Captain Canuck was a Latter-Day Saint follwer!

But what of the new Captain Canuck? (I suspect he's a Scientologist).

The Weenil said...

Why, I can't even believe that it is a real movie! I'm just having trouble with it... It's about as realistic as "Crocodiles in a Dryer" or "Sharks in a Cadillac" or "Tarantulas in a Moped"!

Captain Canuck said...

Scientologist? I think not! I'm actually an ordained Unitarian Minister.

I hereby bless this blog, it's authour, readers, commentators, even the Flatlander, though he knows not of what he speaks.