Thursday, March 16, 2006

i will never be a polniaczek...

ooooh, mark your calendars...

the jello on my fork.

monty python's silly walks generator!

when i was growing up, i wanted to be jo.

unfortunately, i think i was more like natalie.

nowadays, i am most like:
"Ooooh...There's gonna be trouble!" You are Tootie! You were the only black girl
enrolled at Eastland. You're sweet and adorable. You're real name is Dorothy. Your
best friend is Natalie and you learn some facts of life together by having an interracial friendship. In 2001, you quit your talk show 'Wake Up With Dorothy' to go into theater again. You currently have one daughter, Tasha, who attends Eastland School. Your husband Jeff has passed away, and you're now a widow.

Which Facts of Life Character Are You?
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flatlander said...

Looks like I'm Pippa, the Australian exchange student.

Must have missed that episode. At least I didn't get Blaire.

If I was an A-Team character, I think I would be either Hannibal or, more likely, Murdock.

mondo retro said...

murdock rules!!!

pippa came on late in the series, right about when the show jumped the shark. her and george clooney. i wonder what that guy is up to these days...