Thursday, November 17, 2005

let's make fun of mike + the mechanics!

oh, how i hate them. i have always hated them. they just came on the radio here at work, and now i have to rant.

all i need is to never hear "all i need is a miracle" ever, EVER AGAIN! and that awful "silent running!" "can you hear me...can you hear me runnin..." hey, can you hear me runnin to the bathroom, because that crappy song makes me want to poop myself??

"the living years" is just too nauseating to even comment on. i know it's a song about the guy's dad dying, but i just canNOT DEAL!

they may just be my least favorite band ever, along with the 5th dimension. frank sinatra must've been drunk when he said that they were "Without a doubt the freshest, most musical, most capable group in today’s bag." had he even heard "up, up and away"?!? EWWWWW!

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