Tuesday, September 25, 2007

just a quickie today

things may be sporadic around here for the next couple of days...or more...those of you that know me and where i work are almost certainly aware that it is NO PICNIC right now. *sigh*


oh, i can SO draw garfield!! odie and nermal, too. i should send mine in.

drunkonia. some of us live here.


kookiejar said...

Just today I was thinking 'I wonder if it would be possible to calculate the value of pi using frozen hot dogs..' and then I come here and viola! Thanks mondo.

By the way, today on my personal (A Fraternity of Dreamers) blog...shirtless Krasinski! Just a tip for you.

mondo retro said...

oh my...he is a beautiful man.

one-hour "office" premiere tonight! awwwww yeah!