Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i know these lolcats are so 5 minutes ago...

i-can-not-has-fish-dont-know-how-to-use-chopstix.jpg ...but when i find one that looks like my cat i just can't take it! i want to teach gertie how to use chopstix...

do what now? (love this!!)

daydream nation is one of my favorite albums by anyone, ever.

dylan 07.

the 5 stages of drunkenness.

cheap ass food.

weird igloo-shaped food.

finally, here are the top 25 movie tearjerkers (i posted 26-50 the other day). i have personally cried at #24, #18, #14, #8 (of course), #7 (of course), #6 (big time--i watched this movie and then i watched it again immediately), #5 (see my comments from the other day), #4, #2 (although i was a little kid, don't know if i'd cry if i saw it now), and #1. BIG TIME CRIED at #1. when i saw this for the first time i was maybe 11 or 12, and my mom was coincidentally in the hospital at that very moment having cancerous tumors removed. and i had no idea what the movie was about--i just started watching it on hbo or whatever and then...ugh. i still remember sitting in my mom's chair, losing it. so...yeah. i totally cannot deal with that movie at ALL. for the record, my mom is fine now, still gets checked all the time but is cancer-free. but i still can't watch that movie. that hospital scene is brutal.

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