Tuesday, August 14, 2007

does the space cold make your nipples go all pointy?

you know, i never just *like* things; i get totally obsessed with them. john waters once said, "life is nothing if you aren't obsessed." and i completely understand that statement. last night i was googling the conchords (ooooooh yeah) and i was crushed when i saw that they played the tla in philly in early june. JUNE! but i didn't know about them until, like, late june. DAMN IT! if and when i see them live, i...i just don't know what i will do. well, i'll sit there and listen, probably laugh a lot, probably stare at jemaine's lips and bret's awesome beard. but i digress.

i enjoy googling bret and jemaine (awwwww yeah) because everyone else seems to have the same growing obsession that i have. and that my friend margaret has. i bet she knows every word to every song by now. she does not get the hbo, and one day she was hanging out and i showed her an episode. she knew all the words to "the humans are dead" by the next day. rachel and i were listening to them in the car on friday, laughing our asses off.

jemaine does a mean bowie.

here's "mermaids" from the other night. only one song in that episode, but it was a good one. they were also so very cute in their shrunken leather suits.

and they're both so flippin' hot.

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