Saturday, June 16, 2007

STOP eating my soup!!!

(on a sort of related note, i have lost 13 lbs in 4 weeks on weight watchers. this shit really works!!)

this sopranos finale just won't die. it's so awesome. chris and i watched part of "the blue comet" and then parts of "made in america" after a long night of drinking last night, because we couldn't seem to agree on if butchie was completely cool with what went down with phil, or what. as much as people try to say that tony was shot...i just don't know. it's totally possible, and was filmed and edited in such a way that it would make sense...sort of. and it's what i was initially convinced of. the only thing missing is motive. who would order the hit, and why? there are no clues supporting least none that i picked up on. i think the theory that david chase whacked the audience makes more sense. the same line people are connecting to the shooting theory ("you don't even know what hits you" or whatever it is, with tony and bobby in the boat) could be attributed to the end of the show. none of us knew what hit us. bam. but what's with all this talk of the alternate endings? the guy who plays agent harris said that he saw one of the other endings where member's only guy definitely advances on tony. and peter bogdonovich (who plays melfi's shrink) says he filmed a scene for the final episode where he was comforting a "bereaved" dr. melfi. but there were probably just several scenarios filmed so no one would know what to make of any of it, and nothing could leak out because know one really knew. well, steve perry knew. isn't he special.

and THAT is the last time i will talk about "the sopranos." probably.

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