Wednesday, April 04, 2007

meow meow meow meow meow

name that hair metal band. i got every single one right. that either makes me really really cool, or really really lame.

5 minutes to kill (yourself). (my lowest time was 2:33. woo! there's a lot of fun ways to die in the men's room.)

i need this on a shirt, so i can wear it every single day.


anubis44 said...

Yes but did they stick a feather in it?

mondo retro said...

unfortunately, no. FYI, there are still several "convenient piles of excrement" (hopefully canine) out in front of the building. it's been at least a week. also, they chopped down that tree that had the cool icicles on it this winter, and the cigarette dispenser thing is so full that all the butts are popping out of it. i wonder if anyone will ever empty it...?

anubis44 said...

I can't believe they chopped down that tree. Actually, I guess I do believe it. I was expecting it. How sad. :(

mondo retro said...

i know! especially since it was, like, the only sign of life that we had. :(

(maybe i should ask the liger lady to plant another tree.)