Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i'm baaaaaaack...

ahhhh. so, florida was kinda nice. aside from all of the working and the weird things i kept finding on my bedspread in my hotel room, that is. like, a dried-up piece of pasta one day, a leaf the next. ?!?!? eww. anyway, i did manage to get some sun, eat some good food, and drink some good drinks. i went in this crazy slingshot/bungee jumping thing that was pretty cool. also went to this place which was so, so, SO FUN! i also caught an acoustic performance by sean lennon one morning on the telly and it was pretty good. he has a nice voice. i've heard a few songs here and there, but this performance stopped me dead in my tracks, and i just stood there, watching. very very good. wonder what julian's up to these days? i used to love him, too, back in the "valotte" days.

in other news, i've been listening to gram psychotically all day, specifically the album pictured. even more specifically, this song over and over again. it's so amazing. AND this guy i know who works part time at hot topic got me this for only $11 with his crazy discount! ANNNNND i got me my dylan tickets (show # 18). not bad for a wednesday.

you'll die laughing!!! or maybe just chuckle a little.

ok all you crazy girls, turns out you were right. anorexia is healthy and fine. starve away!

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