Friday, April 06, 2007


run, do not walk, to the theater and see this. it's just so great; i had so much fun. i will most definitely be seeing this again while it's still in theaters. "planet terror" is really, really goopy and disgusting with wonderfully cheesy dialogue and about 10 subplots and some totally hilarious moments (especially the "missing reel"). "death proof" has that classic tarantino dialogue, but also is successful at being a movie that takes forever to get started (as many of those 70's films he pays homage to are apt to do) with seriously one of the best car chases ever filmed. and the ending was awesome. kurt russell kicked ass. those chicks kicked ass. the whole experience kicked ass. the fake trailers are really, really, really great, too. i think my favorite was "don't," because it made me laugh hysterically (and i found out later that it was narrated by will arnett). i'm also sure you will enjoy "thanksgiving," directed by eli roth. warning: not safe for work. it may not be safe for most people anywhere. :)

again: see this in the theater; don't wait for it to come out on dvd. the fun cinema experience it what it's all about.

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