Thursday, March 15, 2007

those glorious shins

they were wonderful. really really great. they sounded good and played many of my favorites. although i don't think i will be sitting in the balcony again anytime soon...for once, i just wanted to sit down and drink beer and be mellow and not have to stand in a squished crowd all night...but it kinda sucks up there. people were just hanging out and talking, as if they were at a regular bar. so weird! i mean, the freaking shins are playing right in front of you...why did you dole out all the $$$ for a ticket if you don't really care? odd. but, on the plus side, there was a waitress bringing me my heinekens and the bathroom was mere steps away. so who knows. oh, and on a crazy sidenote, i realized that my 17-year-old niece was at the show, too!! she's so cool.


shankey said...

Hey Steph - Damn your lucky! I was out of town when the tickets went on sale so I missed them. I've seen them a couple times and I hope they'll be back again given how popular they are now.

I was lucky and scooped tix for Spoon at Starlight Ballroom and I might go the World Cafe to see Brave Combo 2nite!

mondo retro said...

yeah, it was a really good show. we saw them a few years ago at an outdoor venue (opening for the white stripes at coney island) , and they kinda sucked. but the other night they just made me so happy. :)

have fun at spoon! :)