Friday, March 02, 2007

icky thump

in other icky, thumpy turns out that my poor kitty has bladder stones and had to stay over at the vet last night. boooo! poor foofy-foofy. the reason she had to stay overnight? because she apparently went insane when they tried to give her an x-ray, so they had to sedate her. eeek. but, we caught it very early, so she doesn't need surgery or anything like that...just a change in diet and a checkup in 6 weeks to make sure the stones dissolve. it was so weird not having her around last night. :( and poor chris' birthday celebration had to be put on hold for a few hours. nothing like eating lasagna at 9 p.m.! but it was still nice. just weird without the foofy.

AND, ironically enough, my poor kenny is having some similar problems right now, and is having a procedure done as we speak. i'm sure he's thrilled that i'm blogging about his kidney stone, but hey. get better soon, rundel!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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