Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i have "never gonna give you up" by rick astley in my head and it's driving me crazy!

please enjoy this photo of stephen malkmus from 2001, just because.

random kitten generator. really, really cute.

i wrote to michael jackson in 5th grade during the "thriller" heyday. bastard never wrote me back. and, as i mentioned yesterday, i wrote to bob catalano from "dancin' on air." but i think that's it. but i DO know someone who wrote to courtney love in 1991 or '92 and got a hand-written response back...if you're reading this, testify, sistah!

since "the office" isn't on this week, play some games! "bobblehead bash" is new, i think. i played a fill-in-the-quote-type game yesterday, and it was really hard!

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