Friday, March 30, 2007


so cute! i like animals, as kenny would say.

herschell gordon lewis interview.

most awkward celebrity interviews.

mega super mammoth mp3 blog list! download away, people!

i hate myself.

who needs the kwik-e-mart? i dooooooooooooooo...

i found a great online bead store through the wonders of myspace...if you are a beader, check them out. the prices are reasonable, shipping is cheap, and the peeps that run it are really nice. :)

baked ziti. my friend isaiah sent me an mp3 from this site of the jingle for this weird NJ store from the 80's called "ideal" that i am obsessed with. turns out this guy has a decent blog. definitely watch those "i heart huckabees" outtakes if you haven't heard about them already. i had no idea that lily tomlin was such a pottymouth! this is not what i expect from the incredible shrinking woman!

and finally...anyone else remember the Dregs of Humanity? i bet mark and margy will, if anyone.

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anubis44 said...

I DO like animals!