Monday, January 29, 2007


stay away from this recipe! don't let the cute picture fool you. do NOT prepare this for your loved ones, under any circumstances. unless you like extremely bland chicken with a "thai" sauce that only tastes like peanut butter. and then you think, "oh, i'll just add more soy sauce. that should help matters." but it doesn't. you just end up with a big bowl of brown goo that looks like something the cat just barfed up. they try to hide the sauce in the picture, see that? ugh. all you can do to salvage your evening is dump it down the drain and just eat the chicken with hot sauce and ranch dressing. then wash it down with a beer like i did. seriously, i would sooner eat stuff from this cookbook than make that slop again.

in other food news:

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Mazetarium said...


LOVED that NAME THAT CANDYBAR link. I got 'em all. One thing that I know is my beloved junk food!

There used to be (and perhaps still IS) this magazine called GAMES. They used to have an annual name that candybar inside quiz thingy also...back in the early 80s.

Chew on!