Monday, January 15, 2007

ryan seacrest, come out of the closet already!

here i am, watching the e! golden globes red carpet action while chowing down on a boca burger and some steak fries. john stamos just made a comment that ryan needs to stop hitting on him. ha. in straight guy news, that cutie-pie zach braff was just on, being funny and, well, cute. and now we have david spade. who is not so much of a cutie-pie, but i guess like him fine. i'll throw in some links while i'm listening to these people drone on about how important they are and who they are wearing.

mugshots as art.

ab fab's coming back!! this is smashing news, sweetie-dahhling!

oooh, there's rainn wilson!! i hope they talk to him on the red carpet. i bet he'll act really creepy in front of ryan seacrest. at least i'm hoping so.

this chick saw "inland empire" last night!

and seriously. how awesome does "blades of glory" look?!

where are they now?

oop, there's aaron eckhart, who was the guest when i went to see "the daily show" a few years back. he was a *total* ass and very likely on drugs. it was so weird (especially since no one knew who he was at the time). jon stewart was like, "WTF was up with that guy?!?"

and now we have the little girl and the guy who didn't talk from "little miss sunshine," which was a great, great movie. ryan just asked the little girl if she was excited about brad and angelina coming to the show. she was like, "um, look at my cool purse! there's a mirror in it!" hahaha. OOOOH, michael c. hall! the stupid e! chick just said that he was on "c.s.i." what an idiot. i hope he cuts her into a million pieces and keeps a sample of her blood in the air conditioner! anyway, moving on:

how to safely swim with piranhas.

what it means to fight piranhas.

behold: the hydra.

ok, clearly i am not the "liveblogging" type. i'm over this already. but before i go...

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