Friday, December 15, 2006

she's not your ho no mo

one-hour "office" last night! woooo! and it was a great episode; clearly the best one since "gay witch hunt."and directed by harold ramis!!!
when michael marked his benihana (a.k.a. "asian hooters") waitress with a marker, i almost died. that was the funniest thing ever. and i didn't even realize until i was talking with dave this morning that the original waitress they had at the restaurant wasn't even one of the waitresses that they brought back with them. heh.

so what did we learn? michael asked some mystery person to his all-inclusive sandals jamaica trip...michael is also too cheap to buy an entire crappy james blunt song on itunes to cry to when a woman dumps him, he just listens to the free clip...karen is jim's rebound chick (but we all knew that)...the schrutes use every part of the goose...toby can't even get a crappy free dunder-mifflin robe (the shot of him sitting there pathetically swinging his feet to the music was great)...

...and i also now have a new holiday drink to serve at parties: The Nagasaki (one part eggnog, three parts saki). mmmmmmmm...

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