Thursday, August 03, 2006

today's secret word is...tannis root!

watch/listen to the opening credits of rosemary's baby, with mia farrow la-la-la-ing that creepy song. i love that creepy song!

how to draw a circle...the pee-wee's playhouse way!

godzilla movie music!

i don't think it's right that jack black's fecal matter is worth so much more than crispin glover's.

the zombies are touring with franz ferdinand and the mooney suzuki. how odd! but i really, really, REALLY love the zombies.

"click here"

and by the way...i'm #2!!!! YES!!!!! now i only need about 1,000 more votes to win. ugh.


flatlander said...

Methinks those Celebrity Skin people are serious!

Creepy, but possibly lucrative for hotel staff and caterers.

Congrats on the mondo voting!

shankey said...

awesome tip on the zombies. The woogles put on a great show too.

mondo retro said...

yeah, i really want to go to that zombies show, but i'm supposed to be saving $$$ because of the new house, and i have a bunch of other shows lined up, one of which is 2 days later (raconteurs in nyc) so i am having trouble justifying going...

but it's the zombies!!! i've been listening to them so much lately, and then BOOM, they go on tour. ACK!

Will said...

the zombies are back - that is so, so awesome.

mondo retro said...

i didn't realize that so many people dig the zombies! i really thought i was somehwat alone in my zombies love...

how 'bout the association? anyone?? i really dig them, too.