Friday, August 04, 2006

arthur lee

r.i.p. :( along with the velvet underground, love is the only band with a "stephanie" song (although i spell my name stefanie, but i won't nitpick). i got my first love album my senior year of high school. so, i've been listening to them for a long time and i'm saddened by this news. he was very ill for a very long time, so at least he not suffering any longer...

what can i say, dear stephanie
who shall i next inform
of love and poetry that you bring
your eyes, your hair, your everything

p.s. i have decided to get zombies tickets. i know i should be saving money for house stuff, but i just can't stand it that they will be playing and i won't be there!! besides, they are apparently pretty good live. now all i need is to see the grass roots, with creed!!! (creed the guy, not creed the band.)

a few years back when me and my man were "just friends" and not really dating yet, we went to karaoke at some crappy bar with some other people. chris is very reserved, and definitely not one to get up in front of people and make a spectacle of himself, no matter how drunk. i convinced him that we should get up there and do a song together, and he finally relented, but only if he could pick the song. and the tune he chose? "midnight confessions." i was like, "!!!" because i secretely TOTALLY loved him. and i also really love that song. so we did it, and some girl came up to us afterwards and was like, "DUDE!! you guys TOTALLY ROCKED THAT SONG!!!" it was pretty good,, i think of chris whenever i hear that song, and i start feeling all schmoopy. :)

later on that night, i fell down the hill outside my apartment and lost my glasses. yes, it was quite an eventful evening...

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