Monday, July 10, 2006

my cat is insane. really. she is.

my freaking cat bit me on the hand this morning, and drew blood. for no good reason!! i was trying to close the closet door, and she was in the way, so i gently moved her over. i guess she wanted to be trapped in the closet like r kelly or something, because she bit me when i moved her out of the way! i yelled at her so loud and swooshed at her with a pillow. then she looked all innocent and sheepish, like, "what? what did i do?" YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, GERTIE! and you better be thinking about what you've done ALL DAY. mommy's mad at you.

then i got to work and realized that i forgot my lunch. *sigh* anyway...

people who have stayed/lived at the chelsea hotel.

patty hearst is on the new york social register.

the BBC test card gallery.

wavy "don't eat the brown acid" gravy's collage art.

conelrad - check out gene hackman!!

the black panther coloring book. wow. (link via anton)

there's a moon out tonight...

i would never go to this, ever.

hey, i was at this show!

this one, too!

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