Friday, July 28, 2006

happy little post.

i wish they'd actually publish it on a long paper-towel roll thing. that would be really cool. seriously.

related: this guy is taking the "on the road" route and blogging about it. i love it!!

ed helms joins the cast of "the office!!" ed was there when i was in the "daily show" audience 2 years ago. yep. i was hoping for some colbert, of course, but we got ed and lewis black and that was just fine with us.

1969 spiegel catalog. really groovy.

here's some fox news reporter ripping some dude a new one for being a prankster. not "best. video. ever." but funny.

white stripes on "the simpsons" info, and the new raconteurs video.

long live bob ross. (when bob ross passed away, i actually painted the words "long live bob ross" on my bedroom wall. and my friend sharon will vouch for this: we got an apartment together when we were like 19, and we painted a happy little tree on the fridge--which was labeled "happy little tree.")

vinyl record generator. FUN!

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